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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Final Blog

I've gotten a plethora of new ideas on what I could and should be doing with technology in schools. At times it seems a bit overwhelming, all the aspects to cover, but in reality I have no choice but to implement change and do it on a major scale. Starting with the tech plan is a logical jumping off piece for me. I hope to build a skeleton for my ideas on which later I will flesh out more elaborate initiatives.

I need to take care of the basic hardware and software issues before I get too crazy. I will though take a classroom here and there and try a few new ideas that will cost a bit, but I see that there are many things I can implement without cost that will most certainly enhance classroom instruction. For example everyone could and should use Google docs and iGoogle. The potential for sharing and innovation are obvious.

So, Todd, it's been a pleasure and enlightening experience. You related many useful ideas to us. Thanks!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Russo Assessment

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The organic premise to the presentation, that education should be self-organizing, is a core value for me. I am a firm believer that the linear model of instruction is antiquated and no longer useful. Children are intuitive, particularly at the elementary levels. My son for example, who is 4, picks up my IPAD and within ten minutes had figured out how to play Lego Harry Potter with sufficient skill. He opened the game, loaded a character, manipulated the avatar (his character he was playing) and passed several levels. This was all done without explicit instruction on my part. In fact, when I leaned over to give commentary he simply said, 'Papa, I got it. I don't need you help.' The only help he needed was with motor-coordination on some of the actions that avatar needed to perform. Should we rethink out model?

Reflection #2

I think most of all I would like to be able to have a long term plan, both instructionally and hardware-wise, for the implementation of technology led instruction in the classroom. Unfortunately I feel the District is barely coming out of the stone age with its collective response to the issues that surround technology, making it rather difficult to collaboratively plan. I have my own ideas and own plans of course--some radical--and a decent proportion of these plans have to do with experimentation. Overall its not as focused as I would like it to be. Perhaps this is what I will do for my final project, school-wide planning of some sort.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Reflection 1/22/2011

Concerning my knowledge of technology and the like I believe I know enough to be dangerous. I often presume I understand enough to get me by, which in many cases does. However, occasionally I find myself in over my head and in need of some expertise to get me out. Luckily I have many friends and colleagues that are skilled in this regard.

I find most technology intuitive, meaning it makes sense. I suppose it might help that I often flip between the two platforms, Apple and PC, and readily recognize the subtleties between them. Though, to say, I was a bit stumped with the new version of Word for Apple--my menu bars were changed around.

Generally speaking, though, I am looking for any useful bit of info/technique/idea to enhance what we are doing at my school. I look forward to the discussions to ensue.